Medical Billing Services in West Palm Beach

If you operate a medical facility and you're eager to minimize the day-to-day administrative tasks, we invite you to contact Apex Billing and Consulting Services Inc. As a third-party medical billing company, we're capable of handling the paperwork associated with insurance claims, payments, and more.

With our medical billing agents by your side, you'll have all the time necessary to focus on the needs of your patients. With a streamlined billing process, your practice will thrive—and your patients will be thankful for it.

Regulations and billing codes change all the time—that's why it pays to work with professionals that understand the complexities of the task at hand.

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Say Goodbye to Billing Errors Today

The staff at your medical facility spends all their time multi-tasking. As a result, some minor errors might occur during the billing processes and claims processing from time to time. While these errors can be corrected, these setbacks put delays on claims and reimbursements. Wouldn't it be nice to say goodbye to those delays? Wouldn't it be nice if your staff could direct their energies to more pressing patient-related matters? With the help of outsourced medical billing services, you can have all these things and more.

Medical Billing Is Our Specialty

The governmental regulations imposed on the healthcare industry change all the time. It is our job to stay up to date with these ongoing changes. By doing so, we save you from having to set aside your valuable time. By remaining compliant with the latest regulations, you'll never lose out on compensation and from Medicare or Medicaid ever again.

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Your Partner in Medical Services

Consider our agents your partners. We want your medical practice to thrive—for your benefit and for your patients, too. When you partner with us, you'll reap countless benefits.

Boost Workplace Productivity

We firmly believe that medical offices should have the time and energy needed to focus on their patients. With our third-party medical billing services, you'll have more time for patient care, general productivity, and more.

Processing Insurance Claims Quickly

When claims are processed quickly, you receive the reimbursements you are entitled to more quickly—as do your patients. Alongside our claims processing services, you can expect:

  • Thorough auditing of all claims
  • Verification for insurance eligibility for patients
  • Reviews of patient bills
  • Collections for delinquent accounts
  • Appeal processes for denied claims
  • And more

Let Us Handle the Medical Billing

Outsourcing your medical billing to professionals such as us ensures that you'll have the most diligent agents working on your behalf. We carefully examine every claim prior to processing, follow-up with insurance providers, and work with patients closely to make sure they are billed appropriately.

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