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There are some medical facilities that rely on their existing in-house staff to process their medical bills and then there who those who save themselves time, money, and stress by working with Apex Billing and Consulting Services Inc.

Offering the finest third-party medical billing services in the region, we submit claims to insurance companies, pay bills on time, invoice all relevant parties, and more. We translate health care services into medical bills and claims.

Let us be the ones to manage the balances of your patients. Request our medical billing services by calling (954) 417-5220 today.

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Maintain Order with Licensed Medical Billers

There is rarely a dull moment at a health care facility. With a steady flow of patients and constant questions from insurance companies and concerned clientele, your administrative staff operates at full capacity.

When you outsource your medical billing to us, you are finally able to lighten the workload. We give you an opportunity to set aside the mountains of unprocessed claims, unchecked balances, and unpaid bills. With our medical billing company overseeing the auditing and submission of claims, you won't have to worry about denied or rejected claims.

With our services, you can count on us to:

  • Acquire insurance referrals
  • Establish payment plans for patients
  • Collect delinquent accounts
  • Review patient bills
  • Audit and submit all claims
  • And more

The Missing Link in Your Operations

We are the missing link between medical providers, patients, and insurance companies. We will make sure all involved parties receive the reimbursements and compensations they deserve, and we will do so in a timely fashion. Contact us today to learn more.

Save Money with Third-party Medical Billers

We help our clients save money. By outsourcing your medical billing, you get the expertise of a professional that has been trained to carry out these duties. Rather than demanding overtime hours from your staff or devoting countless hours to training an in-house medical biller, you get unrivaled expertise for a fraction of the cost.

We Follow-Up with Insurance Companies

We pride ourselves on the diligent nature of our work. Rather than simply submitting claims to insurance companies and then directing our energies to other claims, we follow up with the insurance companies and that patients, too. We want to ensure that your medical office receives adequate compensation for services rendered and that the patient is billed correctly.

By staying on top of all in-process claims, we're able to resolve financial matters with confidence.

Learn More About Outsourced Medical Billing Today

Medical professionals were trained in medicine, not medical billing. The staff at our medical billing agency, on the other hand, are more than familiar with the billing processes of facilities like yours. With us overseeing the insurance reimbursements, we'll make sure all eligible claims give you the compensation your facility needs and we'll settle all claims in a timely fashion.

Find out if our medical billers are a good fit for your facility. Call us at (954) 417-5220 today.

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